Welcome to Africa’s first TradeSafe B2B marketplace 

Now you can purchase online at XAfricaMart and receive and inspect what you buy before you put your hard-earned money at risk.    

Here's how you can TradeSafe on Your Terms



We get that your supply chain is critical to smooth operations. You simply have to rely on suppliers you can trust. Fear not. We meticulously verify and validate detail provided by every applicant company and individual. Negotiate and procure what you need to grow your business and profits with confidence. B2B Free at XAfricaMart. TradeSafe on Your terms. Click to register


A lot goes into bringing new suppliers and products into your business operations. Managing the process can be difficult, time-consuming and risky. XAfricaMart is a B2B service tailor-made to save you time and mitigate your risk. Now you can review new suppliers and products before you begin the formal application process. Take delivery, inspect and approve.  Before you risk your money! Buy with confidence and complete peace of mind. B2B free. Welcome to XAfricaMart. TradeSafe on Your terms. Click to register


When you add an item to your ‘Cart’ and checkout, no money changes hands. Instead, you can add and upload trade terms, contracts, pictures and other documentation. We then send the supplier your invitation to initiate the trade. It’s now up to you to negotiate the price, trade terms and to make the deal. There is a pre-agreed period for you to accept delivery and inspect the goods or approve the service. When both parties agree, the contract is locked. We send your order to the supplier, the supplier invoice is raised and sent to you and you simply EFT the funds to the TradeSafe Trust Account. The supplier delivers and once you are 100% happy with your merchandise or service - simply approve release of funds to the supplier.  B2B Free. Welcome to XAfricaMart. TradeSafe on Your terms. Click to register


Delivery to anywhere in South Africa is sorted. And there is free delivery. If your chosen supplier is local and delivers - and your delivery address falls inside the supplier’s delivery area, we notify you that delivery is free. If the Supplier does not offer a delivery service, or if your delivery address is outside their delivery area, we instantly present you with multiple courier quotes, in real time. Simply select a quote and add to your order at checkout. Our reliable courier Partners deliver nationally in South Africa. Welcome to XAfricaMart. B2B Free. TradeSafe on your terms. Click to register


When you make a purchase, your funds are 100% secure. Your payment is made to the TradeSafe Trust account which is audited by a registered independent audit firm. In addition, your funds are covered by fidelity insurance underwritten by leaders in Broad Form Liability Insurance. TradeSafe is an authorised Third Party Payment Provider with the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) with license number SP001191 in terms of SARB Directive 1 of 2007.And - our EFT payment system ensures that your trade order payment is verified instantly. B2B Free. Welcome to XAfricaMart. TradeSafe on Your terms. Click to register


Its easy to renegotiate or escalate a disagreement. If a disagreement arises during your transaction experience, simply log onto TradeSafe and lodge a dispute. You are now able to re-negotiate the terms of your trade agreement with the Supplier. If the dispute cannot be resolved, either party can refer the disagreement to the Adjudicator. The adjudication is conducted in terms of the Association of Arbitrators (Southern Africa), and the Adjudicator’s decision is final and binding on the Parties. Your funds are secure until a decision has been reached the adjudicator. Welcome to XAfricaMart. B2B Free and TradeSafe on Your terms. Click to register


We get B2B. You need to keep track of new tech, products and services that are relevant to your business. Simply add your interests to your XAfricaMart profile and we’ll keep you up to date on all new products and services that match your interest. Want to see what else is out there? Your search results will display similar products, so you can compare quality, value and price. And you can share these with colleagues, and on social networks. We are constantly working to deliver more for you. Welcome to XAfricaMart. Africa’s first and only trade-secure B2B platform. Click to register